This article concentrates on the most popular questions about Avast antivirus software and their answers, which were taken from Avast Webforum. Find the answer to your question here. 

Why does Avast periodically shut down?

In the past, cases of sudden antivirus disconnection were quite common, but now the developers have made sure that such cases do not occur anymore. However, during a crash, the antivirus may still suspend, in which case you’d better update your system to the latest version and then resume work. To update your antivirus you need to:

  • Run the antivirus program and click on the Menu tab on the right side of the screen
  • Go to “settings” and find the section called “updates” and click on it
  • Load the most recent virus signatures and the software itself by pressing the relevant icons
  • Wait for the process to complete

Error in Avast: “UI Failed to load”

This error means that the graphical shell of the program has failed to load. This problem is not very common nowadays, but there are still cases.

If the antivirus is updated to the latest version and by itself, it could not cause this error, then the matter is not working correctly one of the functions of Windows and you need to manually reinstall it.

  • Open the service management tool via the dialog box called by the command Win + R
  • Enter the code services.msc against “open” and confirm your command

Unfortunately, there is no search function in this window so you have to search for the file manually. Its name is “Remote Desktop Services”. If this function is currently active, stop it with a simple mouse click.

After that, go to “Properties”, under “Startup Type” set the value to “Automatic” and run the program. Restart the computer and the problem should be fixed.

How to uninstall Avast if it won’t uninstall

This question is one of the most popular on Avast webforum. Although antivirus is the main protection for your computer, sometimes it can cause more problems.

So before you proceed to uninstall, you need to disable self-protection, this feature protects avast from unauthorized removal by viruses. To disable it, go to the menu and then to settings and select the “general” panel. Select “Troubleshooting” and disable the “Enable self-protection” function.

Then you can proceed directly to the process of removal. It can be done in two ways: systems and with the help of a removal utility. Let’s consider the system method:

  • Open the Control Panel, select the Category tab and click on the “uninstall a program” button
  • Find Avast antivirus in the list and start the uninstall process
  • Finish the procedure and restart your PC
  • Avast is not completely removed, you need to remove all files connected to it, to do this you need to open the registry editor
  • To do this press Win + R on your keyboard, type the word regedit in the dialog window, and press ok
  • In the editor window, click on “Edit” then “find” and enter the name Avast to find all the files and delete them