On a general note, the Avast Behavior Shield is an additional part of active safety in the Avast antivirus. It tracks down all processes carried out on the user’s computer, searching for any suspicious moves.

These suspicious moves being tracked are those that may signify the presence of Mali encryptions. The behavior shield operates by detecting and blocking off dangerous documents.

These documents are blocked as a result of their similarity to some other prominent threats. It does not matter if the documents have not yet been joined to the database of virus definitions.

Behavior shield is automatically configured to offer optimal safety whenever it is switched on. It is advisable for users to keep it turned on all the time.

Also, users should endeavor to make changes in the configuration only when they have an in-depth knowledge of malware safety principles.

However, before delving further into the world of behavior shield, one should have an idea on the Avast Company.

Avast – Explained

Asides from Avast behavior shield been an extra part of the Avast safety, the Avast Company is rated among the most significant names in Antivirus and internet security industry worldwide.

Avast was established in the year 1988, and currently, it has over 435 million active customers.

It has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Plus, the company also has twenty-five offices all over the world.

More On Avast Behavior Shield

Avast behavior shield monitors every process on a device, searching hard for any suspicious movement or behavior that could ultimately showcase malicious encryption.

The shield is enabled simply by default. In using the behavior shield, users will have to utilize the tabs positioned on the left-hand side of their screen.

However, if a user is not interested in all what the Behavior Shield entails, they can disable it by;

  • Launching Avast interface
  • Clicking on settings> components
  • Double-clicking on behavior shield and clicking on green switch and choosing ?stop permanently.?
  • A user will go in to click ?Yes? to the warning and further click on Ok.

Main Settings Of The Behavior Shield

Basically, the screen of the main Settings enables users to specify whatever action they deem fit to take should a threat be detected. They include;

  • Always Ask

Here, notifications are sent whenever a threat is detected, and options are provided for the next action to take. Users can freely transfer the file to Virus Chest, ignore the threat detection or practically remove the entire file

  • Automatically transfer detected threats to the Virus Chest

Here, all the threats that have been detected will be transferred automatically to the virus chest available.

  • Automatically transfer threats to Chest

Firstly, the threats are enabled by default. The threats to be transferred here are those that are known. Moreover, this particular setting applies only to documents that are proven to be dangerous and a part of the virus definitions database.

Exclusions Of The Behavior Shield

In this case, the users are allowed to select the specific folder they want to exclude from the scanning carried out by Behavior Shield.

To exclude folders, users can follow these steps. They are;

  • Input the location in the text box or click on the browse button
  • Click on the folder that needs to be excluded and click on Ok
  • Users can click on Add if they need to add another location to the list again
  • To remove a selected location, users will click on the row and select the Delete button

To Wrap It Up

The Avast behavior shield does not only scan threats, but it also tracks the system operation. Judging from the Avast antivirus, the shield safeguards computers from both malicious programs and ransomware.

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