AVG Anti-Virus is a Czech antivirus designed for multi-functional PC protection at all levels. The logo of this software is a bit like the logo of the Windows operating system. And this is quite essential because it is with this OS that it works best, starting with the 7th 32-bit version and ending with the modern 10 version.

There are versions of the program for both Android and MacOS, although their popularity is much lower due to the presence of other, more efficient solutions.

A program to reliably fight threats

Due to deep integration into the operating system, the antivirus searches for malicious code even when it is loaded, reducing the likelihood of a computer being infected.

Scanning files can run on a schedule or when they are first started. And in the list of options, there is an e-mail control, which allows you to avoid getting a virus into the system from an attachment to a message.

So, if a new unknown file is detected, AVG sends it to the company’s laboratory for thorough analysis. It was possible to test this function in action using self-written test samples. AVG terminated the process and caused a Windows error message. Moreover, the message included an additional tab CyberCapture, which signaled an unknown suspicious object.

Protect your business data

In addition to individual use, AVG provides antivirus solutions for small businesses. They ensure the security of workstations, file and mail servers, protection in the corporate network and on the Internet, including firewall and antispam. All business versions of the antivirus are accompanied by the possibility of centralized remote management, email alerts, and free technical support.

The extended version for Windows solves additional security and privacy concerns. The firewall prevents access to the system through an Internet connection. To avoid file blocking, a separate component is used against anti-extortionists. Payment protection is carried out by recognizing phishing sites and emails. Confidential files can be placed in an encrypted vault. File Shredder is designed to permanently delete any data. Constant automatic updates keep virus databases up to date, while self-defense eliminates the possibility of unauthorized interference with the program.

Key features

AVG is recognized as one of the best antiviruses by AVG antivirus review. And this is not by chance, because the program performs its functions using 5 different verification algorithms. But this is not the main key feature of security software. Antivirus also provides such qualities as:

  • Online protection and email monitoring are included in the free version.
  • Backup apps for Android devices.
  • 30-day refund guarantee on non-use.
  • Discounts at a one-time subscription for a year and two years.

However, despite a number of obvious advantages, the program has some problems.

What problems may be encountered with AVG

Not a pleasant feature of this program is the fact that for comfortable work with this antivirus you need to have a large supply of free computer resources and try not to load the system. You also need to take into account that there are such nuances as:

  • slow down the system immediately after the launch of the antivirus
  • is not very convenient interface of the application
  • weak heuristics

This antivirus program will suit those users who do not have to regularly transfer data from removable media to a computer, as well as those who rarely visit pages with suspicious content.

Final Word

AVG is an antivirus program that detects and removes various cyber threats, as well as prevents their entry into the system. Antivirus blocks malware in real time. Scanning helps to detect such hidden threats as trojans, rootkits, and spyware. Protection on the Internet implies a warning of dangerous links and checking all downloaded or emailed files. AVG products are designed for Windows and MacOS computers and Android mobile devices.

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