In case you are looking for a free antivirus solution, you should definitely consider getting Avast Free. This edition is popular worldwide as it offers some unbeatable advantages absolutely free of charge. It’s one of the completely free antivirus programs a user can get and use for an unlimited time. Let’s get to know about the best software choice in the review below.

The highlights of Avast Free

First of all, the free edition is a good solution for those who are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend any money on such services. However, one should also mind that free editions are always limited. As a rule, it’s a limit in features or time.

Avast Free, unlike other competitors, offers a big bundle of extras. It offers free of charge such tools as a password manager, a network scanner, a safe browser. Other developers offer only core protection. That’s why if you need a completely free antivirus with extras, Avast is your go-to choice.

Keep in mind that this is not a trial version one may get for a month. It’s a stand-alone free edition that also gets regular updates and delivers great features without time limits. However, it lacks some features that users get with a Premium plan. The company offers this version for personal use only.

Another peculiar thing about the program is that it offers to add Google Toolbar for all browsers. It’s not obligatory but if you agree, you’ll get this search engine as default. One may switch it on and off in the settings.

The peculiarities of the interface

The software has a very simple interface. On the left, it contains four modules: Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance. Choosing the corresponding one, a user can easily navigate through the settings and tools as well as access the needed features on the right side of the screen.

The bottom of the screen has three banners. They offer to activate the premium version, offer a gift, and lead to the Mobile Button. The latter helps control the connected devices and protect them from threats.

The advantages of using Avast Free

  1. Virtual invisibility is very helpful. When the Passive Mode is on, a user may use another antivirus without programs’ conflicts. However, keep in mind that this mode deactivates certain features to make it possible.
  2. Another great thing about Avast Free is that it secures almost perfect scores from the independent testing labs. The engines are regularly tested by AV-Comparatives, SE Labs, AV-Test, and other labs.
  3. The free edition also comes with several scanning options. They include a full scan, a targeted scan, a boot-time scan, and custom scans. A user can adjust the settings of each scan to get the desired service.
  4. While the version is free, it comes with such extras as a password manager, a software updater, Do Not Disturb Mode, and other tools. Pretty good for a Free Edition.
  5. Using a free version, a user may buy separate extra features without upgrading to a premium plan. It’s one of the reasons the software often tops the ratings.

Bottom line

Avast Free is a great antivirus solution used by millions of people worldwide. It offers great protection as well as a selection of extra tools for additional benefits.

Based on the results of the independent testing labs, it’s trustworthy and scores high detecting and stopping malware, viruses, and other threats. So you don’t risk anything by downloading the program from the official website. Simply delete it if it doesn’t keep up with your expectations.

Regular updates keep Avast Free up-to-date and help deliver the best possible experience. A user may also buy other Avast products and features like a Secure VPN to add extra protection.