Before using the IPVanish Tap device for your Android, the first step needed is to pay a short visit to the Google play store on your smart mobile device and perform a search for IPVanish.

This is done to download and ultimately install the IPVanish application. Immediately you have installed the tap device on your Android successfully; you are ready to open the app and link it to the VPN servers for the very first time.

It will take roughly a minute for the servers to load. This delay is as a result of the size of the server list.

The Step By Step Installation Guide

After a successful installation of IPVanish on your mobile device, this article will be providing a step by step guide to help you install the application. They are as follow;

  • Search and click on the Google play store app on your smart mobile device
  • Choose the Google play search box situated at the top and type in IPVanish
  • Select the IPVanish VPN from the available result list and tap on the install button
  • Immediately the application is installed, click on the open button

Guide To Connecting To IPVanish

The following step by step process will assist you in connecting your tap device to a VPN server. It includes;

  • Immediately the application is open; you will be redirected to the login screen of IPVanish. Input your IPVanish username as well as the password. Quickly tap on the LOGIN button and log into IPVanish
  • The next step is either you select the ?begin tutorial? button to learn much more about IPVanish application, or if you already know your way around, you can easily tap on the skip button.
  • Next, you will land on the quick connect screen of the application. Choose your preferred country, server and city just below the quick connect preferences section and swiftly tap on the connect option
  • Click on the ok button that is situated on the connection request pop. This is done to automatically authorize the IPVanish tap device to seamlessly link itself and route your internet traffic via the available VPN servers.

Note that the message you will see next is a default warning in Android devices. It is sent to any Android application trying to take over your internet connection. Also, there is no monitoring of the internet traffic of users.

To Wrap It Up

By now, you and every other individual trying to link the IPVanish tap device to a VPN server should already be connected. Now, you can easily see your connection status, available location, time of connection, IP address, and more importantly, the server in which you are linked to.

All these are found on your screen. Also, there will be a graph visibly showing the status of your connection as well as the disconnect option at the bottom of your screen. This simply implies that you are already connected through an IPVanish server.

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