This device allows you always to stay close to your pets, even when you are far from home. The device is equipped not only with two-way audio communication but also with a display on which the pet can see us.

Besides, PetChatz has a unique aromatherapy feature for animals. For the pet to quickly calm down and to fully feel our presence during communication, you can use the familiar scents that remind him of the owner for the pet. The feed system, in turn, will make the animal happy with treats during the game or after completing a task.

PetChatz interacts with a special mobile application on the phone. With its help, control and communication with the animal are carried out. The new PetWatch feature activates automatic video recording with sound for up to 30 seconds of funny and exciting moments. The integrated motion and sound sensor detect them. At such times, appropriate notifications will come to the phone so that we do not miss them. We can immediately view and share them with friends on the network. The cloud archive stores up to the last 30 video clips.

PetChatz Baby Monitor is compatible with the PawCall push-button bell, which can be purchased separately. By clicking on it, animals can contact the owner at any time. In case of our busyness, upon activation of PawCall, a pre-prepared phrase or entertainment program set in the game mode will be played.

The device is securely attached to the wall and does not contain wires or protruding parts that animals can damage. The device is powered from the network.

Additional Information:

  • Wi-fi connection. PetChatz connects to your home Wi-Fi network, so there are no wires. We can look at what a pet does from any place and at any time.
  • Ease of use of applications. Interaction with a pet is offered from a tablet, phone, or computer using a web or mobile app with an intuitive interface.
  • High-quality HD camera. The built-in dog camera broadcasts and records video in HD quality so that we can see our pets.
  • Two-way audio communication. We will not only hear the pet but also respond to it in real-time. You can also prepare and record a greeting or address to the animal in advance.
  • Two-way video calling. PetChatz is equipped with a high-resolution display. Now the cat or dog will be able to hear and see the owner, which gives the animal a sense of greater security.
  • Aromatherapy for animals. If the voice and tender look of your beloved owner are not enough to calm the pet, you can use the PetChatz Scentz aromatherapy.
  • With PetChatz, it’s nice to reward your pets with goodies for achievements and just as a greeting. To do this, you need to click on the button on the mobile application.
  • Motion and sound detection. The device will monitor noise and movements by sending notifications to the phone. If desired, you can activate silent mode.
  • Simple installation. To mount the device, you will need a socket in which you need to install the bracket, and then connect the PetChatz unit itself and fix it.

When there is movement or noise nearby, the PetWatch function activates the recording of short videos and sends a notification to the phone. So we will see every funny moment, and the best we can share on the network.