How to  Navigate Among Them?

Total AV is the free antivirus based on the innovation cloudy technology of collective intelligence and also pro-active technologies of protection against new and unknown threats.

Total AV Free Antivirus – an anti-virus software which protects the computer without prejudice to its productivity: it always provides maximum capacity and comes into effect only when it is necessary. 

It is easy and fast antivirus service. He fights against new threats without the need for updating as he combines local technologies of detection of malicious software with check of objects in a cloud, that is on remote servers, thanks to technology of collective intelligence. 

Total AV and Avast is included by a cloudy antivirus, the anti-spy, an anti-rootkit and heuristic check. Pro-active technologies: behavioural blocking and the analysis of behavior allow to protect the computer from unknown threats new still effectively.

Main features of Total AV: 

  • Effective work requires active Internet connection
  • The fastest antivirus in detection of new viruses
  • The system of collective intelligence automatically reveals new threats for the minimum period. 
  • Interface, convenient for users

Lack of ongoing notifications and difficult questions. The free antivirus of Total AVworks without irritating users.

  • Finds more threats, than other products

The Total AV servers uses information obtained from millions of users of anti-virus products of Panda worldwide for automatic detection and classification of new types of the malicious applications appearing every day.

Main opportunities of Total AV Antivirus:

  • An anti-rootkit against the hidden threats. 
  • On-line and offline constant protection.
  • Behavioural blocking of new and unknown threats. 
  • The analysis of behavior of the started applications. 
  • The improved offline protection thanks to shutdown of autostart on the computer. 
  • URL and web filterings of harmful and phishing sites, blocking of loadings of malicious software by drive-by method.
  • Manager of processes: the report on the started applications with URL monitoring (information on Internet connection for each process).
  • Expanded settings and exceptions for experts.
  • Automatic vaccination of USB for protection against autostart threats – Autorun-viruses. 

Avast Antivirus Review

  • Avast Protection System – the patented system of 5 levels of protection allows to find and eliminate threats quicker and more effectively than other technologies. 
  • Heuristic protection and continuous monitoring of threats – advances threats, finding new and unknown harmful processes by observation of suspicious activity on your computer. 
  • Download Insight – protects from dangerous programs, warning about harmful and unstable applications before their installation. 
  • Reveals and eliminates difficult deleted active threats on your computer. 

Network protection:

  • The intelligent firewall – blocks online threats before they get on your computer. 
  • Protection against vulnerabilities – blocks an opportunity to use vulnerabilities of applications for delivery of threats to your computer. 
  •  Protection of Wi-fi network – function of protection of wireless connections helps to define whether Wi-Fi network safe is wireless. Connection is considered protected if reliable enciphering, such as WPA is applied. 
  • Remote monitoring – function allows to keep track of security status of other computers with Avast antiviruses in a home network.
  • The scheme of network – visual representation of network and the devices connected to it. It is possible to see all unknown devices connected to network at any time.